Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Demand for Recreational Property in BC

It is official. If you thought it was difficult to find the perfect recreatonal property within a reasonable drive time of Calgary or Vancouver, it is going to get even more difficult.

BC is forecasted to have the highest population growth of any province in Canada over the next 25 years with Alberta a close second according to "Canadian Population Forecast". In 2009 in BC/Alberta you only had to compete with 8.2 million people to get the perfect BC property. In 25 years you will be competing with an additional 3.25 million people, or close to 40% more "wanna be" property owners.

Who cares? If you want your family, to have what you had or would like to have, the best time to buy real estate, especially recreational property real estate is now. Prices are down and selection is excellent.